Why Do People Seek Sex Therapy?

Over the course of a person's lifetime, multiple factors can add up and lead to difficulties with sex. Stress, trauma, illness, the side effects of medications, depression, and lack of self-esteem often negatively impact a person’s sexual functioning and desire. It is not uncommon for couples and individuals to experience sex-related challenges at some point in their lives. Everyone, and every body, deserves to experience satisfying, exciting, loving, and fulfilling sexual relationships and sexual contact. Sex therapy can often help.

Clients come to see me with trauma, shame, and guilt about the ways in which they are sexual and embodied. I understand the ways in which trauma—and the resulting fear and anxiety—impacts sexual functioning, and inhibits healthy sexual behavior. Working with a board-certified sex therapist helps clients overcome sexual difficulties by using trauma-­informed clinical practices.

Anxiety and shame are at the root of most sexual dysfunctions. These are typically emotions and feelings that trap human beings in rigid and fearful ways of expressing, or not expressing, themselves. These emotions and feelings have a powerful impact, particularly on how we manifest ourselves in sexual ways, sometimes to the point of retreating and hiding our bodies and sexuality, and occasionally to places of sexual compulsivity and over-expression.

Regardless of the ways in which clients experience challenges with sex, I am in a unique position to help people navigate the often complex pathway toward feeling at home in their bodies and in their sexuality.

NSTA is now exclusively an online practice, using a HIPAA-compliant video platform to conduct therapy.

Jassy was great in helping us communicate in a more loving and respectful manner. We are now able to tell each other our needs and desires, both emotionally and sexually. A few simple techniques and suggestions have made all the difference, and have brought our marriage to a whole new level of love and honor!

–T. and C., Northampton, MA

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