About Sex Therapy Intensives



We are often short of time in our busy, complicated lives. Scheduling a weekly sex therapy appointment, while convenient or manageable for some, may be prohibitive for others due to one or more factors. There is another option available. At NSTA I offer a form of therapy in which clients—individuals, couples, and those in poly/non-monogamous relationships—work with me for a series of concentrated sessions, typically in 3-hour, 6-hour, or 12-hour intensive formats.

Research carried out on intensive therapy demonstrates that clients are able to address issues more effectively when working in a highly targeted fashion on a particular topic. Sex Therapy Intensives are a great way to provide timely and effective treatment to clients traveling from distant locations who are unable to attend weekly therapy sessions, and to local clients who prefer to work in a more focused way and whose schedules may not allow for weekly appointments. Intensives provide a thorough, condensed, and deeply focused approach that can help people move quickly through specific sexual and relationship issues, and learn important new skills in a short period of time.

In the midst of our busy lives, we decided to invest in an Intensive session to start our work, because we knew it would offer us the desired momentum to keep going. The Intensive allowed us to look at the larger landscape of both our separate sexual histories and our sexual history as a couple to give us a foundation for moving forward. We were able to establish the kind of vulnerability and connection we have been craving, and to also gain the communication tools and direction to offer a sense of hope for our future. Amy was highly skilled and personable, boundaried and caring, knowledgeable and empathetic—everything we needed to feel safe.

–K.H. and L.N.

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