Madeline Nussbaum, LICSW

Clinical Sex Therapy Associate

Intake Coordinator

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Therapy was not an easy decision for my husband and me. We were embarrassed and terrified about going, but after meeting with Madeline those fears disappeared. We found the offices very accommodating with scheduling, comfortable, and private. I would say that therapy was a huge success for us. We were able to say things in therapy which we could not express at home. Not only did this help our sex life but it has helped us understand each other in all parts of our marriage.

–Anonymous, Granby, MA

Madeline’s work is informed by narrative, feminist, and relational approaches with a particular interest in gender and sexuality. She is a thoughtful and caring therapist whose strength lies in her ability to help people see things from new perspectives and develop their innate intuition and insight. Madeline has expertise on a wide range of issues including trauma, grief and loss, attachment, and the concerns of adolescents and young adults.

Madeline enjoys running with her dog, painting and crafting in her studio, home improvement, and decorating projects. Originally from New York and New Jersey, she now lives with her partner in Northampton, MA.

New York University, BS in Studio Art
Smith College School for Social Work, MSW

The Training Institute for Gender, Relationships, Identity, and Sexuality: Working with Trans and Gender Non-conforming Clients
Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Levels 1 and 2

Professional Membership:

Madeline’s compassion, deep and incredibly respectful interest in our sessions, humor, commitment, and sharp intelligence are just some of the qualities that make her an exceptional counselor and therapist….Madeline creates a beautifully safe space of validation, understanding, empathy, and insight into sex, partnership, self-understanding, and real-life living….I especially treasure Madeline’s insight, extensive knowledge, and advice on how to navigate the world as a trans individual….It is my earnest wish that every person could have access to such a counselor and therapist in their lives, and I do not exaggerate when I say that I will be benefiting from our work together for the entire course of my life.

–L.S., Northampton, MA

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