About Online Therapy

Online sex therapy is just like being in a professional bricks-and-mortar office for sex therapy, except we will meet in a virtual professional office and have our conversations there. In other words, online therapy is talk therapy.

But the objectives of online sex therapy are the same as face-to-face treatment – to provide tools for helping you to overcome challenges in your sexual life, to help you understand your problems from a different perspective, and to provide knowledge and information that will help guide your actions, beliefs and choices.

However, with so few board-certified sex therapists practicing worldwide, sex therapy services are very much in demand – and it’s often difficult to locate one and when you do, waiting lists are frequently lengthy.

Research indicates that online therapy can be as effective as face-to-face therapy for people seeking treatment, and is a viable alternative to in-person therapy.

I use live, face-to-face video sessions via Doxy.me  – a HIPAA compliant video platform – and my clients (and supervisees) report high levels of satisfaction using this treatment format.

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