Sex Therapy Consultation Group

Jassy Timberlake is offering an on-going sex therapy consultation group every first Friday of the month from 12pm - 1:30pm. This group is an opportunity for clinicians to present in a case-based format. Concepts, frameworks, and theories addressing human sexuality, and issues across the lifespan related to sex, sexuality, and gender will be woven into the consultation process. This is an appropriate consultation setting for clinicians at all levels of curiosity and exploration related to talking about sex in therapy.
In order to facilitate an environment conducive to the exploration of sensitive material, this is a closed group. The group's consultation fee is $75 per group meeting and will be limited to six clinicians. The group will start as soon as six therapists have signed up.

Jassy Timberlake is an AASECT Board-certified Sex Therapist and an AASECT Approved Supervisor of Sex Therapy.  Please email her at or call 413-587-0095 for more information.

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