What is CAMS?

The Center for All Men and Sexual Health (CAMS) was created to support men of all identities and histories with consensual, out of control sexual behaviors using a powerful therapeutic alternative to the sex addiction model. This model was devised by Doug Braun-Harvey and Michael Vigorito at The Harvey Institute in San Diego, CA.

Men with out of control sexual behavior repeatedly engage in sex that results in significant distress.

Painful repercussions may include:

  • Severe relationship problems
  • Loss of a spouse or partner
  • Financial or legal difficulties
  • Relapse in drug and alcohol recovery
  • Diminished work productivity
  • Unplanned pregnancy/HIV/STIs
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Feelings of fear, shame, despair, or guilt

Out of control sexual behavior (OCSB) can be treated. Group therapy helps men confront their sexual preoccupations, achieve their visions of sexual health, and regain control of their lives.*

The primary services at CAMS cater to working with men who engage in OCSB. The center offers men’s sexual health groups and workshops, in conjunction with individual and couples therapy, to create a whole system of support and treatment addressing unwanted behaviors.

The course of treatment is based on an individualized assessment process prior to starting sexual health groups at CAMS. Each client will leave the tailored assessment process with a Sexual Health Plan addressing their unique constellation of sexual behaviors and needs.

CAMS, under the leadership of Amy Basford-Pequet—Clinical Director of NSTA, LLC—is comprised of a team of clinicians and sex educators highly trained in the sexual health model as it applies to men, their bodies, and masculinities. In our clinical work with clients, our core values are to treat everybody with dignity, respect, and compassion, seeing consent as the cornerstone of all relationships.

*Information used with permission from The Harvey Institute’s website.

Going to NSTA turned a corner in my life.  I went in somewhat scared and skeptical.  But working with Amy brought me unexpected insights about my situation and nurtured a sense of compassion for myself and others.


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